MEMBERSHIP: Benefit from unlimited classes!

At Sylk Dance Academy we have decided to offer an all inclusive membership where you can pay a 6 week termly fee of £80 (just £13 a week) to access as many classes as you like. For parents who's children do more than one class this could not only be a money saver but also a great opportunity for your child to experience a wider range of classes. 


So why bother with a set termly membership fee? The reason we have decided to introduce this is mainly to help the families where children want to do several classes but the cost is too high. We want good all round dancers and if we can offer our students a wide range of classes at good value then we can achieve this.

We currently have 19 classes a week on offer in Macclesfield with several more in the pipeline. Obviously not all classes will be suitable due to age or ability restrictions but children could potentially attend 5/6 classes a week for the price of 3 or less. Another benefit of this is that if your child misses a class eg gymnastics they can attend another session on a different day. There is no need for students to commit to attending a class every week (as long as they inform the teacher they will just be dropping in) so they can try different things every week if they wish to.

I believe we have many dancers who do classes that would compliment others such as cheerleading & Gymnastics, Gymnastics & Contemporary, Street Dance & Breakdance. This allows your child to explore their talents more and use their skills more frequently and in different ways!

If you sign up we will make you aware of what classes your child can attend and when. The membership can be terminated at the end of any term if you no longer wish to continue so don’t fret if it’s not working out!


Many of our current students take at least 2 classes a week. Most classes are around £4.50 making payments £54 a term. £80 is a big jump from here but if your child wanted to do one more class it would amount to £81 and therefore they would have access to all classes. In another example those who do classes such as gymnastics and cheer together pay a slightly higher fee making this combination £72 a term. So for just £8 more that student could have unlimited classes! It may not work for everyone but there are certainly students that will benefit from this membership.

More than one child? Don’t worry, we are offering a massive sibling membership discount!! £130 per term for both children to have unlimited classes (just £50 per term for any additional child)


So for just a little over £13 a week your child can have unlimited classes. £80 a term may sound a lot but I would urge everyone to take a look at what you already pay and there may not be much in it! If you wish for your child to become a member then get in touch asap or for more information contact Amy.