UDO Street Dance Exams

Below is some information on the Street Dance Exams we offer and what your child would need to do for the exam. 

Who are they for and why do them?

The exams themselves are the United Dance Organisation Street Dance Syllabus exams. These are available to Boys Street, Breakdance, Beginners Street, Intermediate Street and Street Crew. The reasons behind this are that the syllabus covers all areas of Street from Locking to Hip Hop and Breakdance and therefore only classes that cover this will be able to understand what is expected of them. I have opened the option up to Breakdancers as they can choose two styles of Street to specify in so Breakdancers could do Breakdance and House as Rikki has been working on this with the boys. However for a full understanding and for those who aspire to progress through all the exams I would certainly suggest doing the Street Dance Class to work towards this.

The exams are a way of showing or proving what level your child is at as a dancer. They ensure your child is learning accurate techniques and it gives them feedback and areas to work on and progress in. Eventually dancers can chose to take a teaching qualification. The levels go from pre-primary and primary to levels 1-6 finishing with a teaching qualification.


What do the children have to do for the exam?

All children regardless of whether they are taking the exams will learn 2-4 routines in different styles. Those learning more than two will be able to choose which 2 routines they prefer to perform for the exam. These are only very short. Dancers must also choreograph their own routine for 32-64 counts. As the levels progress there are more elements to the exams however all of our dancers will currently be taking Pre-Primary, Primary or Grade 1 which stick to this simple format.

In order to book your child on to the exam you must pay a deposit of £10. The remainder of the money will be paid when we return in the New Year. The exam your child is eligible for is listed below with the total amount payable.



Beginners Street: Pre Primary £20

Intermediate Street: Primary £25

Boys Street: Primary £25

Beginners Breakdance: Primary £25

Intermediate Breakdance: Primary £25

Street Crew: Primary £25


To book and pay please hand in money to your class teacher in an envelope with your child’s name clearly written on, what class they attend and their age. Once we have all entries in we will contact you to confirm the date of the exams. Entry will close on the 19th December when we finish for Christmas.