Taking Congleton by Storm!!

Last Tuesday (23rd Feb) we started our first classes outside of Macclesfield at Congleton Leisure Centre. I recall when we began Sylk Dance Academy in 2009 with 2 classes beginning with around 6-8 students in each class. At the time it was a hobby not a business venture but as the classes began to fill and new classes opened up we knew we were on to something! It wasn't easy finding brilliant teachers which have allowed me to expand Sylk Dance Academy and open up so many new classes, but I have been very fortunate to find some incredibly talented staff who are not only good at what they do but genuinely care about the children in their classes and about Sylk Dance Academy. That is what I think makes 'Sylk' successful. 

I am very proud to have Sophie Coleman lead our Congleton sessions and I have already had some fabulous comments about her upbeat personality and professionalism. Sophie is a talented dancer who has competed herself in worldwide Street Dance championships. She is an experienced teacher and is knowledgable not just about Street styles and choreography but also knows about it's history and where it all began! Most importantly though she is one of the most positive, happy people I have had the pleasure of meeting and her enthusiasm really rubs off on the children she teaches.

I am excited to say that after just one week we started our classes with a total of 23 children which is amazing! I can't wait to build these classes and evolve just as we have done in Macclesfield, offering a progression from beginner to competitive level classes as well as other new classes like Cheerleading & Gymnastics. All I can say is watch this space! There are already plans to open another branch of classes outside of Macclesfield and one day perhaps we will have studios all over the UK?! Here's to my wonderful staff, parents and children who have supported Sylk Dance Academy. Thank you. 

For more information on our Congleton classes visit the Timetable on our website or contact us 

Amy Mayers

Sylk Dance Academy Principal.



The newest member of our team Sophie Coleman

The newest member of our team Sophie Coleman